About Thai Cuisine

     Founded on basic ingredients of excellent quality, the Thai cuisine relies on five primary flavors that are used in subtle proportions to produce a wonderful range of Thai dishes. Ideally, a Thai meal offers a combination of 5 flavors: salty, sweet, sour (tangy), bitter and hot (spicy). Sometimes several of these flavors are present in a single creation, subtly blending, while in other dishes one flavor predominates. The secret to all Thai food lies in the subtle differences in the proportions of ingredients used, which can add layers of flavor and aroma.

     Dishes are usually comprised of bite-sized portions and meal service typically includes only a fork and a spoon. Usually there will be a variety of dishes, for it takes more than one or two preparations to achieve the blend of flavors Thais like. An ample supply of rice is always the centerpiece. Traditionally all of the dishes are served at the same time and can be eaten in no particular order. Nor are there any stringent rules about which dish goes with what food: anyone is free to mix dishes according to each individual taste.
     All Dishes at Churi's are cooked with Olive Oil and spiced to your liking. NEVER MSG.